December 2017
User interface

Window Shoppr

Context & Challenge

There are thousands of shopping apps out there that more or less are all the same. Some better others not so much. My goal was creating a new personal shopping experience that focuses on the user helping him to discover new things from his favourite brands and finding the best price for him. I always wondered how you would translate the classical window shopping experience where you just stroll through the stores of your favourite brands and getting inspired by looking at the things you see there. It was always a feeling of "I discovered this" and had a random aspect to it. The idea of Window Shoppr was born.

It's an app that will allow the user to select his favourite brands and will show random products to the user which he can add to his wish list by swiping right or left if he doesn't like it. The more you will use the app the better the suggestions will be. The user will be able to see all his liked articles in a wish list with the best prices that were found for this article. If its sold out or the articles got cheaper, the user will get notified.

In Focus - The product is always in focus and you choose which category you want to look at.
Only what you want - Set your favourites and discover new brands based on them.
Get ready to window shop - Swipe to like or ignore. The more you use the app the better the product suggestions.


I started out with looking at different other shopping solutions and looked on what works good and what not for the user. I also interviewed people to see what they would like to do within an app and lots of them told me they were just looking around putting articles on their wish list. Based on those findings I started sketching out an app creating first wireframes.

Wireframes of the different screens of the app

With the wireframes I built a first prototype with InVision to see if everything works like its supposed to. Using the insights, I found some issues in the design that I was able to fix and brought me to the final product which also exists as a prototype.

Working Prototype

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