May 2018
Web Application
User interface

Postage Finder

Context & Challenge

People still struggle to find the right postage for their letters and parcels every day. I set out together with a team with the goal of making things a bit easier within a month. The right postage depends on a lot of factors: destination, weight, size, additional services, etc. Before we started, customers often got lost in the company’s massive product portfolio. We were unable to make changes to the product offerings, so we instead set out to make it easier for customers to find the right postage.

User friendly analogies - Users struggled to find the right weight for letters; now they only have to select the amount of pages if they don't have a scale
Easier to compare - Product names weren't clear for the user. Icons and names with the main advantages made it easier to find the right service and also to compare with others
The result - A clear naming and product specifications made it easier for the user to be sure they have the right product


After looking at all available data and the most sold products and services, we created personas and user journeys to figure out where the issues were. Realizing there were a lot of pain points in selecting the right postage, we wanted to focus on helping customers find the right one.

As we wanted to reach as many users as possible with our first minimal viable product (MVP) and ensuring we were able to conduct A/B tests in a more cost-effective way, we decided to create a fully responsive web app.

To get started with our concept, we did qualitative interviews to gain more insights and tried to figure out what was important for people, all while testing the our various hypotheses.

Providing the users with different scenarios and tasks to solve, we tested various solutions as first paper prototypes, which were refined for another test.

In order to achieve this, we found analogies from our users’ everyday lives to help them to make the right decisions faster. For example, people struggled to estimate the correct weight of their letters, as many people don’t have scales at home anymore. To help make the process easier, we had them choose the amount of pages instead.

Learning about how people approach this problem, we were able to create high-fidelity prototypes in InVision that helped users to find the correct postage easily.

As a result users said it was easier to use than the old version. 9 out of 10 people were able to find the right postage (vs. 30% before). In the user testings we found that there was up to 35% up selling possible.

Postage Process
Different stages of the start page during the prototyping process
Postage Process
Custom icon set
Working Prototype
Postage App - Fully responsive
Fully responsive web application to make it as accessible for as many users as possible

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