October 2016
Android APP
User interface

Payw - Pay as you want

Context & Challenge

The challenge was to think about a financial app idea for Android devices during my studies. If you visited Germany from other western countries you might be familiar with the problem that most places only accept cash but you never really know for sure. This also applies if you live here and go to a restaurant. Some accept cards some don't which forces you to plan ahead how much cash to get or check before if they accept cards or not. I also struggled when travelling to places I haven't been before. What's common, whats not? With this in mind I wanted to find a solution. The idea of the "Pay As You Want"-app was born.

The app will allow you to set your preferred payment methods and will show you locations around that will allow those. If you look for a special place and realise they only accept cash you will be able to see the nearest ATMs. It will also show you what is common paymentwise in the country when you are travelling.

Pay as you want - see all the places that accept your preferred payment methods. Or filter them to get the ones you want.
Get an overview - the location detail view will offer you all details you might wanna know about.
Like a local - Don't know whats common paymentwise in your location. Just tap it and find out more about it.


I started of with my hypothesis that users would be interested in using an app like that and tried to figure out what kind of payment methods they use and if there are any features they could think of that might be helpful for them. I did this by doing surveys and interviewing people and could funnel my findings into hypothesises. Based on those I created user personas to help me visualise the needs my users have.

Personas I created during the process

Those personas helped me to create user stories, gather necessary features and requirements. With this in mind I created a user flow to visualise the steps a user has to take to solve his problem. Going through the flow I created wireframes that were refine step by step and led me to the final result. Again, I asked the user for feedback as much as possible to make the app as usable for them as possible.

User flows helped me to illustrate the steps the user had to go through to finish his task.
From idea to finished product.

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