August 2016
User interface


About the project

During my UX/UI Design course I was challenged to create a new music app. With so many music streaming services out there, it’s hard to decide which one to use. There is a basic structure that is similar across most platforms: managing a library and creating playlists. But what about being able to listen to the music I love or to discover new tunes in a fun way. That’s why I created Myousic—an app designed to do both of these things.

Never miss a beat - You’re in control of your music—no matter when or where. Just a quick tap in the app expands the view to give you the reins
Welcome home - The welcome screen shows the user their recently played music and new music curated just for them
Always up to date - The Discovery tab shows you all new tunes in your community. Just tap it to play the song or like to add it to your library
Your favorites favorites - Myousic helps you to find the songs that inspire your favorite artists. Just follow them and as soons as they find a new song you will get notified


I started by looking at the market asking users what they struggle with realizing they had the same issues as I had so I further analysed how it could be done better. Based on my findings I created a features list and started out sketching some first wireframes and necessary icons. After creating a first UI I interviewed the users again and was able to refine and sharpen the designs and helped me create the branding.

Custom icon built for the app

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