January 2017
User interface

Further Afield

Context & Challenge

Scouting for photography locations can be tough sometimes, especially in remote places with an unfamiliar language. Further Afield was created during my studies as an app which helps you to plan your trip and see if its a good time to visit the location based on weather or busy times as well as experiences from other photographers. Its a social platform where you can discuss the best locations and find the right ones for your upcoming trip. 

Your trip finder - Find your upcoming trips and inspiration from others from your feed to find great ew locations for your next trip.
Start finding - Great imagery helps you find the best spots around.
On Spot - Find all necessary location details including current weather conditions, busy times and recommendations by other users.


Looking at things a photographer might be interested in when travelling and looking for locations I started out writing user stories and gathering requirements for the upcoming app. Based on the stories I developed user flows to see how a user can add a location to his upcoming trip. Sketching those ideas and wireframes, I refined them in each step based on feedback and came up with the final user interface.

From idea to finished product.

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