September 2017
User interface



A potential client challenged me to present how I work and approach problems over the course of two days. The goal was to develop a service or app in the finance sector targeted towards young people.

I proposed creating an app called DRMSVR (DreamSaver), which helps young people save towards their dreams and, if necessary, getting a micro-loan (co-signed by their parents), whether for something as small as a concert or perhaps even a gap year.

To help teach users responsible financial practices, they can use their supplemental income (allowance, after-school jobs, etc.) to pay off their loans quicker or complete  chores assigned by their parents to work towards a goal.

Progress of friends
See your friends’ goals and compare your own progress with theirs
Saving towards a goal and ways to get there faster

To generate ideas, I started to create a persona to help me better understand their goals and motivations. For that, I interviewed three teenagers.

Teenagers are full of dreams for their future and also strive for independence. I learned about what motivates them and discovered that most of them were passionate about a hobby or something they were looking forward to. This is how I came up with the idea of DRMSVR.

Based on the persona, I created a couple of user stories to help me figure out which requirements and features are mandatory for my first low-fidelity wireframes.

After receiving initial feedback, I created high-fidelity versions to show all of my skills within the short time frame.

User Persona
A persona was created to better understand the needs of the user
First wireframes of main screens

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