August 2017
Web Application

City Dashboard

Context & Challenge

“Smart cities” are becoming reality and are no longer tied to the realm of science fiction. For a pitch, we created a city dashboard to provide all stakeholders with a tool to make the best out of the cities’ information. Whether citizen, business or developer, all stakeholders had the chance to become part of a city-related application ecosystem that provided all data that a city generates.

The service is designed to show users the most interesting neighborhoods based on multiple variables, including air quality, noise, traffic, real estate prices and more. This data provides one example of possible business application in the case of determining where to open a potential shop based on the amount of pedestrian traffic within an hour.

See what is important - Users are welcomed by the main applications and use cases. They don't have a scale
The citizen dashboard - When logged in, citizens are provided with all the personalized data and applications from their city

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